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September 22, 20162014, Health

Kenya HIV Prevention Prioritization Evidence Note – 11th June 2014


Kenya has the third largest population of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa and the highest national HIV prevalence of any country outside of Southern Africa. In 2012, there were approximately 1.2 million people living with HIV.1 There is a mixed and geographically heterogeneous HIV epidemic with an estimated adult HIV prevalence of 5.6% percent.2 National estimates and modelling indicate that 51% of new adult infections occur in eight of the 47 counties in Kenya. Within counties, there are important variations in HIV burden, with the epidemic concentrated among certain populations3. In order to reduce the spread of the disease, the Government of Kenya has over the years committed numerous resources towards achieving "an HIV free society in Kenya". This fight is spearheaded by the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) and National AIDS and STI Control Programme (NASCOP) in collaboration with multiple local and international partners.