Who We are

The Integrated Sexual Orientation Gender Identity and Expression(SOGIE) Community Online Platform acronym ICOP is a web-based and mobile web enabled portal for enhancing Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) meaningful engagement and ownership in research. Aim of the platform: To enhance meaningful community engagement and ownership in research using a web based portal. The ICOP was mooted by the National SOGIE Research Advisory Community (G10) and is intended to support the following objectives:
  1. Enables community-researcher interaction through an online space where the community and researchers can consult, exchange ideas, collaborate and share knowledge through:
    1. Question and Answer (Q&A) forum
    2. Chat functionality
    3. Scheduling and hosting webinars – on particular topics of interest
    4. Blogs and posting of Op-eds by users
  2. Enable knowledge management and data access – there is need to ensure the community can access relevant MSM, LGBT and SOGIE related research from Kenya and around the world. In order to support the G10 efficiently perform its research advisory role to the community, researchers and funders and ensure the community research agenda is updated the ICOP will:
    1. Link with the NACC Knowledge Management Platform (Maisha Maarifa)
    2. Connects with Google to access global MSM/LGBT and SOGIE related research data
  3. To enable G10 –community collaboration – There is need to have a space where the G10 and the broader MSM/LGBT/SOGIE communities can consult, exchange ideas, collaborate and share relevant information, data, reports to increase knowledge and participation in research and influence policies and practice.
    1. Allows for collaboration on documents (edits/review) etc.
    2. Collaborates and links with Utunzi to automate violence tracking and generate quarterly reports
    3. Post/upload community policy briefs, newsletters, program data, non-peer reviewed research
    4. Question and Answer (Q&A) functionality directed to the G10
    5. Allow documents to be sent to the G10 for feedback
The National LGBT Research Advisory Committee (G10) was formed in March, 2014 after a successful two day training on understanding research and consultation on community engagement on Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI), human rights, NPTs and HIV research. At the end of the training and consultation a community unified research agenda was developed. And the need to ensure meaningful community engagement and ownership (C.E.O) in research processes lead to the formation of the G10.

In May, 2014 the G10 co-convened together with NASCOP the first-ever National Consultative Forum on Research Partnership which discussed C.E.O and developed a community-researchers and funders unified research agenda. The forum also agreed on best practices in implementing the unified agenda. The G10 is now an agency within Kenya's national LGBT umbrella body, GALCK, where it coordinates all LGBT research on behalf of the LGBT community in Kenya. The G10 also advices the NASCOP TWG and its sub-set at the coast Utafiti Pwani coordinates research efforts there.