Mentorship for Writing Abstracts

The National LGBT Research Advisory Committee (G10)

The G10 members and community research partners are on stand-by to assist members of the LGBT community in Kenya to showcase their great work through conference presentations. To request mentoship and support while developing your abstract please send us an email to and we will connect you to a mentor. Please include the following in your correspondence:

  • The working title for your abstract
  • Name and link to the abstract guidelines of the conference you wish to submit the abstract. If this is not present please attach the guidelines for the abstract
  • Deadline for abstract submission
  • Level of support (i.e. do you need support with the entire abstract, peer review, edits etc).

We would like to ensure our community has and receives the support they need. In case the expertise needed is not available we will pair you with a mentor.

Please also review these links:

Abstract Guidelines for Papers